Friday, May 17, 2013


What a crazy week. I'm still stuck in glasses while I recover from my pink eye/allergies/I have no idea, we got a new student who screams bloody murder and kicks really hard, and I'm ready to spend a couple days relaxing with my cute husband.

So, an update?

Saw a production of "Parade" last night in Fullerton, about the Leo Frank case. It was really really well done. The cast had amazing voices and the story was really moving. There's nothing more frustrating than corruption and lies when you're seeking justice. A very sad story, but excellently told.

Bought peonies for the first time! Usually I just buy mums and admire other people's peonies, but I vowed to buy some this year...and I LOVE them. They're so huge and fluffy and pink. I wish they were in season longer!

Is everyone following this Amy's Baking Co. thing? It's such a spectacular train wreck! I'm not one to harass crazy people, but I keep visiting their Facebook page to check out the madness. Stolen photos, claims of hacking that clearly didn't's all so crazy. 

Tonight Craig and I are seeing the Duke Ellington Orchestra, so that will be a nice way to end the week! Hope you all survive Friday and have a beautiful weekend!

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