Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

Man oh man, this was a crazy year. It really got away from me! I didn't blog much, I know, but I promise I didn't just sit around and stare at the wall all year! So here are some highlights:

Rang in the new year with our New Years Eve pajama party! It was our first New Years party and I had a total blast!
My cousin Natalie got married and I danced the night away with my sister and cousins.
Finally got to meet my Internet friend Rachel!
Attended foster care orientation, and Craig and I decided to go for it!
Got to meet up with my other Internet (and now real life I suppose!) friend Jess from Arizona.
Went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibit at LACMA, which was AMAZING.
Started our monthly film club, which we lovingly named "La Lune Film Club," our first selection being a documentary of sorts called What Is Cinema?
Valentine's Day, awww. We actually had reservations this time!
Oscars! I lost this year, dammit.
Went to see some stand-up comedy with my coworkers, hooray for being social!
Went to see the premiere of the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race at Hamburger Mary's, which was a hoot.
Saw the ballet of Sleeping Beauty at Segerstrom, so beautiful!
Sunset Boulevard on the big screen!
Some Like it Hot on the big screen! In a cemetery!
Super Pi Day!
Went to my first yoga class, taught by my friends and coworker Ally (went to MANY more yoga classes after this in 2015!)
TCM Film Festival! Saw Rebel Without a Cause and Adam's Rib.
Definitely not a highlight, but Craig's grandfather Tony passed away. So sad to lose him, but his memory will live on through his amazing family that I'm beyond privileged to be a part of.
Started our TIP classes for foster care!
Got to meet blogger/designer Joy Cho and her family at a book signing. I fangirled a bit.
Also met actress Illeana Douglas at a screening of Ninotchka at Cinefamily in LA
Saw Vertigo with live orchestra, which also kicked off my Sight & Sound Top 250 Greatest Films challenge. I'm currently 87 films in!
Saw "Sideshow" at Segerstrom with my mom and Dri on Mother's Day.
More movies, more classes
Started rereading the Harry Potter book series
Went to my cousin Christina's student art show
Threw a MOST EPIC Harry Potter birthday party. I went as Harry Potter, of course.
More movies, more classes, more paperwork
Reunited with high school friend Josh who I hadn't seen in forever.
Celebrated six years of marriage to my amazing husband!
Jaws on the big screen for Father's Day!
Summer program at work means Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day, etc. I wore a long red wig for Crazy Hair Day and everybody told me I looked like Ariel.
Celebrated Independence Day with fireworks, the Huntington Beach parade, and lots of good food.
More classes, more paperwork
Finally FINISHED the Harry Potter series, which was everything I'd hoped it would be. Why didn't I finish them years ago??
Jamey turns three!
"Tarzan the Musical" at Plummer Auditorium with Mom and Dri! Super fun.
The Sandlot and Little Shop of Horrors on the big screen!
Got in my first car accident, booo. But my car is okay now.
Found out we were being transferred to Riverside for our foster care stuff.
Met writer Francesca Lia Block at a podcast recording in a beautiful Eichler house. Basically a "pinch me" moment!
Started babysitting at yoga squared in Tustin in exchange for free yoga! Not a bad gig at all! Thanks, Casey!
Saw my cousin in a production of "Jesus Christ Superstar"
Met Bobcat Goldthwait at a screening of his film Call Me Lucky and he's a total sweetheart.
E.T. on the big screen, and a meteor shower the same night!
Went to my first midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was madness.
Threw a Beetlejuice screening and pool party! SO much fun.
Barbecue at Dee and Scott's, made new friends!
Colin and Rachel started hosting monthly bad movie nights they call "Disasterpiece Theater." I love it!
Daniella turns 3! I made her a Paw Patrol ice cream cake.
Home inspection! We passed with flying colors.
Our first Dapper Day at Disneyland! I dressed as fancy Cruella DeVil.
Sophie's first birthday party!
The fall movie marathon begins!
Met Ted Neeley and Barry Dennen at a screening of Jesus Christ Superstar and I lost my mind. Definitely star struck.
Had a mini "blood moon" party, with werewolf movies and Melies films about the moon.
Officially got our foster care license!
Announced our intention to foster/adopt on social media, received LOTS of love in return!
Guillermo del Toro art show, followed by visiting screenwriter Larry Karaszewski and his wife Emily at their beautiful home. It has a conversation pit! I want one!
Saw "Addams Family the Musical" at Plummer Auditorium!
The Birds and Psycho double-feature at a cemetery screening!
Went to a Christian Scott jazz show
More interviews, more paperwork
Threw our annual Halloween party! I was Pinocchio, we won Best Group Costume at work. Craig was a killer bee again, of course.
Saw Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl, with a live orchestra and Danny Elfman, Ken Page, Catherine O'Hara, and Paul Reubens in person! It ended up being an Oingo Boingo reunion of sorts and it was SO awesome!
Dia de los Muertos party at the Duffys!
Saw my cousin in a production of "Little Women the Musical"
Home Alone on the big screen, and Ally's baby shower!
Met Elijah Wood, Devin Faraci, and Amy Nicholson at a podcast recording of "The Canon" discussing The Goonies. Met my friend Daniel and his girlfriend there and it was awesome catching up.
So many Thanksgivings! We hosted our own little vegetarian Friendsgiving which I always enjoy.
Christmas decorations! Christmas movies!
Went to a former student's 3rd birthday party, and all my favorite students were there being cute.
Saw "The Nutcracker," my mom's first trip to the ballet!
NEW STAR WARS! So exciting!
Star Wars Holiday Special at Colin & Rachel's. Not so exciting.
Miracle on 34th Street on the big screen!
Fiesta Navidad mariachi show at Segerstrom!
Christmas Eve! Christmas!
Home study interviews, done and done!
Another New Years Eve pajama party! Wahoo!

While this year definitely had its ups and downs, and was mostly full of classes and paperwork, I'm looking forward to a challenging but rewarding year. Let's see what this whole parenting thing is all about!