Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

Had a blast at the pumpkin patch this year with my mom and sister. It was the Octoberiest of days. Pumpkins everywhere, a haunted house, and beautiful trees covered in yellow leaves...I loved it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Halloween '05

October is here! There's been of unpleasantness going on as of late (a bit of craziness at work, I've been sick, I've had to regroup after a devastating personal issue, and our politicians have all gone nuts), but the one thing that never fails to disappoint is the excitement of fall and all the fun of October. So hooray for that!

I've been watching my October movies...

...which consists of old favorites and a few new-to-me ones. Saw The Conjuring at the dollar theatre last week which wasn't amazing but still freaked me out. And last night we watched Burnt Offerings which I had never seen before and was quite an effective and bizarre little horror movie. 

I've been trying to cook more...these are my first efforts with vegan burgers, sweet potato fries, and pumpkin bread! All three were yummy, and I was so proud of myself for trying something new! I started watching that new show "MasterChef Juniors" and they're truly talented with food! I figure if a nine year-old can make a flawless molten lava cake, I can at least try a new recipe once in a while!

Went Halloween costume shopping with Dri! I love going to costume shops with my sister...we try stuff on, we laugh our heads off, and generally have a great time. I think we know what we're going to be, but it's a surprise! Maybe I'll post a sneak peek soon...!

Still need to go to the pumpkin patch, need to plan a Halloween soiree, and watch even MORE movies! Anything I should add to my October bucket list?