Sunday, October 4, 2015

Officially licensed!

September flew by, didn't it? At least it does when you never update your blog.
Sooooo our home inspection went excellently and we are now officially licensed foster parents! Now the home study in Riverside begins, dun dun dunnnnnn!
I'm 57 movies into the Sight & Sound Top 250, but now it's October so that means my Halloween movies get top priority. As I'm typing this I'm watching the silent Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney. It's a good one!
My classroom is doing a Pinocchio theme for October and it's all coming together quite nicely. I don't expect to win any awards (the classroom decorating contest is rigged anyways) but I think it'll look quite cute. Of course doing a Pinocchio theme means that I'll be donning the little hat on Halloween...!

Hope everyone's Halloween season is a blast!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

So nervous! We have a home inspection date, and we just got our new adoption application (got transferred to another county for that part, ugh, REALLY?) so it seems like we're back on track and moving forward instead of stalling out. I just want my house and my life to be completely perfect, is that so much to ask?

My attendance at yoga classes has gotten sporadic, tsk tsk. I'm trying to go more regularly because that relaxed, proud, strong feeling I get after finishing a class is a feeling that I haven't been able to replicate with anything else. Feeling calm and capable is so important during these stressful and aggravating days of dealing with the foster care system.

In other news, I haven't been to the beach ONCE this summer and it's almost over. Nor have I had a frozen lemonade, done a cannonball in a pool, or gotten tan (much). I fail at summer.

Oh well.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adieu, summer!

Feeling mostly melancholy these days.
A complication with our foster care application process has put our whole life on hold.
Got in a car accident this month.
Major drama at work.

The best way I can escape from all this is through books and film. Diving into somebody else's life for a while is a nice respite from my frustrating present.

Currently reading Frankenstein and making my way through the Sight & Sound top 250 greatest films. 41 in and going strong!

This summer hasn't been a complete waste. Threw a Beetlejuice movie screening/pool party last weekend, finally went to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror, read some good books, saw 2001 at the Hollywood Bowl, went to outdoor screenings of Little Shop of Horrors, The Sandlot, and E.T., celebrated summer with my toddler students. and got really into yoga. I'm trying to focus on the positive instead of the complete helplessness of this foster care stuff.

All I can say is hurry up, fall!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Life, and an announcement!

Oh my god you guys. What happened to blogging? WHAT HAPPENED???

I was going to be SO good about blogging this year. I was going to update at least a few times a week, filling in my (complete lack of) readers on my life which is SO INTERESTING. Augh. 

Anyway, at the moment it's July 4th, everybody else in the house is sleeping, and I thought why not now?

Life has gotten very different and exciting lately! I'm still a toddler teacher (hit my four-year anniversary at my current school last April! Now, about that raise...). Craig and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. I turned 29 and celebrated with an epic Harry Potter themed birthday party (speaking of Harry Potter, I started rereading the books and I am 100% obsessed with Harry Potter all over again!) 

I recently took on a movie watching challenge as well...I'm making my way through British film magazine Sight & Sound's top 250 as chosen every 10 years by multiple filmmakers and critics. I'm working off the 2012 list (which can be found HERE). I'm 23 movies in, and I expect it will take me a few years, but I definitely plan on seeing this through to the end. 

In the MOST exciting news...Craig and I are becoming foster parents! Hopefully, haha. We turn in our application later this month after taking a MILLION classes! But we're getting there and we're very excited!


Anyways, that's life at the moment. Movies, Harry Potter, and getting ready to be parents. Aaah!

Let's try to blog more than once a year, hmm?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TV Obsessions

I'm super picky when it comes to TV shows. I don't like wasting my time on shows that I'm barely tolerating. Here are a few new shows that grabbed my attention.

"Fresh Off The Boat"
Based on the memoirs of Eddie Huang, this show is about an Asian family adjusting to life in a very white suburban neighborhood in the 90s, through the eyes of their hip hop loving oldest son, Eddie. I can't get enough of this show! Constance Wu as mom Jessica is the best.

"The Last Man on Earth"
We're only a few episodes in, but Craig and I are enjoying this one so far. I especially enjoy Kristen Schaal's character (spoiler? He's not the last person on earth) and how she clings to decorum in a destroyed and empty world. 

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Craig and I binge watched this entire show in one weekend, like many others. It's really easy to say "just one more!" when the episodes are short and hilarious. It's about a woman rejoining society after spending the last fifteen years kept underground in a weird doomsday cult. How's THAT for a premise?

Still catching "The Mindy Project," "Girls," "RuPaul's Drag Race," "Downton Abbey," "The Daily Show," "Last Week Tonight," "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" (on Netflix!) and "Mad Men" when they air.  I wish I knew more people who watched Mad Men so I could throw a fabulous party for the finale, but alas! Maybe I'll just get dolled up for myself. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

Janet Munro in Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)

I'm currently writing this sitting at my computer, wrapped in blankets, with cramps and a splitting headache. I was supposed to be at work but I was sent home. Or rather, Craig had to come pick up my sorry ass. I was sent home yesterday as well, and quite frankly this is NOT how I wanted to spend my week! I even painted my nails green for the holiday, and now the main green thing I'm wearing is my FACE. Sigh. 

Craig and I celebrated the holiday yesterday as best as we could. I made vegetarian shepherd's pie with lentils and sweet potato (om nom nom!) and we watched The Quiet Man (1952) starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. YEESH. The movie is beautifully shot and beloved by many, but I just can't get behind a movie that features a man grabbing, pushing, and dragging a woman across town. By her arm! By her COLLAR! Yuck. I know the whole point of the movie was about quaint little Ireland and how things are different 'round these parts, but goodness. I think I'll watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People later. It's not a great movie either, but Sean Connery and Janet Munro are just so cute. Although it's been a while since I've seen that one...does he drag her around too?

OK I'm going to go overdose on painkillers (not really) and take a nap. Byeee!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seeking out Beauty...

Everything was beautiful at the ballet....

I'm not usually a stick in the mud. I have a sense of humor.  But I am SO SICK of this meme-obsessed, stare-at-my-phone-all-day, flaky, YouTube-celebrity-worshipping stupid generation. I know I sound like an old person standing on their porch shaking their fists at those "damn kids" but it really makes me sad when I see all the beauty fading from the world in favor of trendy nonsense.

Which is why I've been actively seeking out that beauty. After a less than wonderful work day yesterday, I looked up what was going on locally that I could attend to unwind from my day. And what luck! The American Ballet Theatre was performing Sleeping Beauty a mere 20 minutes away. I adore Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, and the Pacific Symphony was going to be providing the music for the dancers. Yes please! It was a beautiful evening.

Cinema! Art! Dance! Music! Literature! Theatre! I want more!