Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frances Ha

Craig and I saw Frances Ha last night, and I kinda loved it. How charming is Greta Gerwig? I just love her. She's so earnest and sincere.  Plus we got to see it in "our" theatre...we don't go very often but we saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail there the night we decided to become an item. Aw! Here's to a night at the movies!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me?

Yesterday I turned 27 (on the golden birthday)! Usually I throw myself a theme party and put all my energy into decorations and costume and food, etc. But this year I didn't really do anything and my mind was able to reflect on my life and turning another year older. Of course my brain automatically went into that panicky OMGAAAHHH WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE mode which is never fun. So I'll have to never not have a party again. Parties for everything! Parties all the time!

Okay, maybe reflection isn't such a bad thing. Let's keep it positive.
*I have a job that I'm good at
*I have an amazing husband that loves me and values my opinion and takes care of me when I'm feeling blue
*I have a beautiful home
*And I have an awesome sister who knows me well enough to get me a hot pink purse and a blue unicorn, hahaha.

And to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thank you and love you! Now...when's the next party??

Friday, May 24, 2013

Helloooo Long Weekend!

I should slow down a's not the long weekend *yet*, and I have to survive Friday to earn my weekend. This week has been spectacularly crazy at work and it ain't over yet! Here's a mini-questionnaire stolen from Design Darling to end the week.

All-time favorite movie(s): Auntie Mame (1958) of course!
Blog(s) rocking your world lately: I read waaaaay too many blogs! I should cut back!
Favorite nail color: Coral
Now playing while you work: Not listening to music...watching episodes of "Don't Trust the B" on Hulu!
The last thing you bought: Chocolate chip cookies on my lunch break! Om nom nom!
What you have planned for summer: A mini-vacation at the end of August, and a secret mission that's a bit more exciting...!

I'll be celebrating my golden birthday on Monday, so hopefully I'll have something interesting to update with on Tuesday, haha. And a special shout-out to my amiga Jess for my early birthday present pick me up!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Finished...Life Itself by Roger Ebert

After the death of Roger Ebert, I finally picked this book off our shelf. I had read all three of his Great Movies books and I really admire his writing style. This was a good read, even if he went off on tangents now and again. I was particularly moved by the ending. Here is a man, who is now gone, reflecting on reaching his last days. He could not know how near the end was, but his words were meaningful parting thoughts nonetheless.

This paragraph in particular stuck with me. What a lovely thought!

Here's to kindness!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Star Trek Boyfriends

Hooray for another Star Trek movie! I thought it worked as a whole much better than the first one did (although I liked that one too). But mostly I was happy to revisit my Star Trek boyfriends.

And girlfriend!

You ladies can keep your Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm good!

Friday, May 17, 2013


What a crazy week. I'm still stuck in glasses while I recover from my pink eye/allergies/I have no idea, we got a new student who screams bloody murder and kicks really hard, and I'm ready to spend a couple days relaxing with my cute husband.

So, an update?

Saw a production of "Parade" last night in Fullerton, about the Leo Frank case. It was really really well done. The cast had amazing voices and the story was really moving. There's nothing more frustrating than corruption and lies when you're seeking justice. A very sad story, but excellently told.

Bought peonies for the first time! Usually I just buy mums and admire other people's peonies, but I vowed to buy some this year...and I LOVE them. They're so huge and fluffy and pink. I wish they were in season longer!

Is everyone following this Amy's Baking Co. thing? It's such a spectacular train wreck! I'm not one to harass crazy people, but I keep visiting their Facebook page to check out the madness. Stolen photos, claims of hacking that clearly didn't's all so crazy. 

Tonight Craig and I are seeing the Duke Ellington Orchestra, so that will be a nice way to end the week! Hope you all survive Friday and have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Tease of Summer...

Yesterday it was 90 degrees here in sunny southern California, and today's it's supposed to be 80. Just a little taste of the summer ahead of us. Yes, our bedroom gets a little swelteringly hot, but dreams of swimming and shaved ice make me so so so happy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my fabulous mom! She's always there when I need somebody to vent to, or advice, or if I need to borrow some of her clothes or jewelry, haha. She always makes me food if I happen to stop by, she loves game nights, and she likes to have fun, even dressing up with us to go to Disneyland! Plus she's pretty fierce. Love you mom!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jordan Baker

As I said in my last entry, Craig and I saw The Great Gatsby late last night (NEVER doing a movie after 9 on a work night again). While the film as a whole was pretty decent, I was LIVING for Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker. She looked like the flapper love child of Zooey Deschanel and Cate Blanchett. I also want all her clothes, especially her loungewear when you first meet her. Swoon!

Okay, I'm done talking about my 1920s obsession! Go see Gatsby this weekend so you can feel like the cool kids, dig the soundtrack, and Charleston away!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

'Becca'lise the Flapper

I've had a longstanding fascination/obsession with the 1920s. It started around 10th grade (4th picture) when I discovered Louise Brooks and devoured every book I could find about her. That led to my love of silent film (it's always movies, isn't it?) and the fashion of the time period. In my junior year of high school my notebooks were covered with photos of movie stars of the period...Louise, Clara Bow, Colleen Moore, Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, etc. While no longer rocking the flapper look, I love to resurrect it now and again, and I love reading anything about/set in the period. I recommend The Chaperone, Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin, and of course The Great Gatsby! We're seeing Gatsby tonight (I love going to the movies after a work day!) and while I'm not expecting the BEST MOVIE EVER, I think it will be a visual feast! Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dick (1999)

Caught this on TV last night...I love when I movie is just as funny as the first time you saw it. I've seen this a million times and it never gets old! Wonder how I can become an official White House dog walker...?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day

For anyone reading this who doesn't know, I am a toddler teacher. I know that because I don't have a degree or work in a "real" school with older kids, some people may think I'm nothing more than a glorified babysitter. But it's much more than that.

My coworkers and I feed the kids. We change diapers. We wipe dirty bottoms, snotty noses, food-covered faces, and on really bad days, poop-covered hands (no, really). We sing songs, read books, and teach them how to count, identify colors and shapes, say their ABCs, and teach them about weather, days of the week, animals, you name it. Some of my kids have memorized entire books and can count to ten in English, Spanish, and French. We do art projects, sensory activities, and have dance parties, and still get them all to sleep at the same time. 

It's not a bad gig, being a toddler teacher. It's by no means easy, and it can be downright exhausting. But look at those little monster hands! So cute. At the very least, it's giving me training for when I'm ready to have my own. 

So please appreciate your teachers! It's harder than it looks.

Monday, May 6, 2013

May the 4th Be With You and Revenge of the 5th

by Olly Moss

Did you all celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th? I had a dinner date with my sister and then we ate ice cream and watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Naturally we watched the original's a little ridiculous how much of an effort it is to find the untampered version. Even in our trilogy that includes the original version (we have two), you have to put in the bonus disk to be free of all Lucas's awful changes. It's ridiculous.

But I do like Star Wars. I made fun of it when I was younger because my older brother loved it and naturally I had to tease him for absolutely everything. But when it got rereleased in the 90s I got all into it. Princess Leia is pretty awesome, after all, and what girl doesn't like Han Solo? 

Here's a fun fan video of the entire first Star Wars film, recreated by fans! What a fun project! They're working on Empire Strikes Back right now.

Didn't do much for Cinco De Mayo, except spend an unhealthy amount of money on clothes at Old Navy, whoops! Dri kept encouraging me, tsk tsk. I don't drink and the weather was gloomy so we just ate Del Taco and watched movies. Wooo! I'll have to start taking outfit photos again to justify all my purchases. I really love Old Navy, I must say.

Here's to Star Wars, new clothes, and hopefully a drama-free week ahead!