Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Dresses

I just finished writing a wrap-up of the Oscars for our movie blog (over here!) but what I didn't talk about much over there were the dresses! Nothing too crazy (nobody's taking risks anymore!) but here were my favorites:

Jessica Chastain

Charlize Theron
An absolute goddess, seriously

Halle Berry

Jennifer Lawrence
Okay I admit, this dress took a while to grow on me, because it kinda looked like a comforter with a gorgeous bustline, haha. But you know what finally convinced me?

That fall!

She looked so gorgeous sprawled out on those stairs!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My cat Wednesday has been missing since February 6th. We put up posters and checked shelters, but I have a feeling that she's long gone. 

I first got her when I lived with my dad in Chino Hills, in 10th or 11th grade. I wanted a cat, something to take care of. We went to the local shelter and there she was, a tiny scrappy little kitten trying to swat at me through the bars of the cage. She was the one. I named her Wednesday after the Addams Family character. Also, I think it was a Wednesday when I got her.

She was a good cat...a bit of a brat, and she destroyed my couch, but she was very loving and liked to sit purring in my lap when I watched movies. She would even sit on my back when I was couch-napping and give me a mini-back massage. She will be missed. If she is in the "Heaviside Layer," I hope she's with our other cats from yesteryear, Nala and Nina. 

Love you, Wednesday.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone...I always feel weird when it's all done. I think I read too many blogs and look at too many Instagrams of huge bouquets of flowers, sweet cards, candy, etc. Part of me grumbles about the holiday being too commercialized, but a bigger part of me wants all those things too. I guess it's that way with holidays in general. I *love* holidays, but always feel somewhat disappointed when it's all said and done. Maybe I should redefine them? Go off on my own and make my own plans? Buy myself cards and flowers?

Ah well, I got chocolates from my students, and I got some sister time in, so that was nice. Back to normal life now. A normal life that has felt especially stagnant lately, and could use a good shake-up!

This somewhat gloomy post brought to you by bad dreams and depression over the fact that my cat has been missing for a week now...

Saturday, February 2, 2013