Saturday, July 4, 2015

Life, and an announcement!

Oh my god you guys. What happened to blogging? WHAT HAPPENED???

I was going to be SO good about blogging this year. I was going to update at least a few times a week, filling in my (complete lack of) readers on my life which is SO INTERESTING. Augh. 

Anyway, at the moment it's July 4th, everybody else in the house is sleeping, and I thought why not now?

Life has gotten very different and exciting lately! I'm still a toddler teacher (hit my four-year anniversary at my current school last April! Now, about that raise...). Craig and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. I turned 29 and celebrated with an epic Harry Potter themed birthday party (speaking of Harry Potter, I started rereading the books and I am 100% obsessed with Harry Potter all over again!) 

I recently took on a movie watching challenge as well...I'm making my way through British film magazine Sight & Sound's top 250 as chosen every 10 years by multiple filmmakers and critics. I'm working off the 2012 list (which can be found HERE). I'm 23 movies in, and I expect it will take me a few years, but I definitely plan on seeing this through to the end. 

In the MOST exciting news...Craig and I are becoming foster parents! Hopefully, haha. We turn in our application later this month after taking a MILLION classes! But we're getting there and we're very excited!


Anyways, that's life at the moment. Movies, Harry Potter, and getting ready to be parents. Aaah!

Let's try to blog more than once a year, hmm?

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