Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seeking out Beauty...

Everything was beautiful at the ballet....

I'm not usually a stick in the mud. I have a sense of humor.  But I am SO SICK of this meme-obsessed, stare-at-my-phone-all-day, flaky, YouTube-celebrity-worshipping stupid generation. I know I sound like an old person standing on their porch shaking their fists at those "damn kids" but it really makes me sad when I see all the beauty fading from the world in favor of trendy nonsense.

Which is why I've been actively seeking out that beauty. After a less than wonderful work day yesterday, I looked up what was going on locally that I could attend to unwind from my day. And what luck! The American Ballet Theatre was performing Sleeping Beauty a mere 20 minutes away. I adore Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, and the Pacific Symphony was going to be providing the music for the dancers. Yes please! It was a beautiful evening.

Cinema! Art! Dance! Music! Literature! Theatre! I want more!

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