Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hola Marzo!

Rabbit rabbit!

I love my Audrey Hepburn calendar...turning over to a new month and seeing her beaming luminous face makes the world seem full of possibilities. And what's on the docket for March? Work, movies, and most importantly the TCM Film Festival at the end of the month! Not sure yet what days we'll be able to go...depends on Craig's schedule. I'm determined to go with or without him...this will be my fourth or fifth year in a row. 

I've found heaps of new piano music too from estate and garage sales to digging through the stacks of music at my parents' house. A lot of it is from musicals so I'm going to force my sister to sing along. I don't have to twist her arm much though...she's a ham!

So my life right now is work (little toddlers keep me on my toes!), movies (watching constantly, writing for This Cinematic Life, and starting our film club), cooking (have I mentioned how much I love sweet potatoes in everything?), piano (of course), and spending all my money at Old Navy and Target whenever I get a chance, naturally. 

I'm also trying to make my Girl Scout cookies last as long as possible! Thin Mints from the freezer, can it get any better than that?

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