Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days"

I recently started watching Morgan Spurlock's show "30 Days" on Netflix (you know him from his Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me)...and it's verrrry interesting! Each episode of the show features someone placed in a situation completely out of their comfort zone for 30 days to get an idea of how other people live their lives. For example, an atheist lived with a Christian family for a month and attended church and Bible study with them. A straight Christian man lived with a gay man for a month and meets his friends and family and sees different aspects of his lifestyle. A man who patrols the Mexican border lives with a family of illegal immigrants for a month. You get the idea.  Regardless of your beliefs, this show is a thought-provoking look at how the other side lives. It definitely has a liberal slant (which I don't mind) but it's definitely worth watching and forming your own opinions about.

How would you challenge yourself for 30 days?

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