Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My hometown of Orange, CA celebrated its 125th birthday last Saturday. I made this little video of my morning with my sister checking out the festivities. We had a good time!

We also went to my friend Chris's art show. Well done, sir! The whole night was filled with great art, good food, and very special friends.

"Mad Men" returned on Sunday night, and I am a very happy girl. Sally Draper is my favorite character...how adorable is Kiernan Shipka? I love her.

In other news...
I'm almost done with The Night Circus and my audiobook of A Little Princess (which I haven't read since I was a kid!). I have new books arriving any day now and I'm excited to dive in!

I've been going on morning walks with Craig pretty regularly and I love myself for it!

I'm also nearing up on two years of vegetarianism. Go me again! I need to continue to eat better though...I indulged in a very carb filled dinner last night, but it was delicious so oh well.


R.I.P. my lovely Annette

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