Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My cat Wednesday has been missing since February 6th. We put up posters and checked shelters, but I have a feeling that she's long gone. 

I first got her when I lived with my dad in Chino Hills, in 10th or 11th grade. I wanted a cat, something to take care of. We went to the local shelter and there she was, a tiny scrappy little kitten trying to swat at me through the bars of the cage. She was the one. I named her Wednesday after the Addams Family character. Also, I think it was a Wednesday when I got her.

She was a good cat...a bit of a brat, and she destroyed my couch, but she was very loving and liked to sit purring in my lap when I watched movies. She would even sit on my back when I was couch-napping and give me a mini-back massage. She will be missed. If she is in the "Heaviside Layer," I hope she's with our other cats from yesteryear, Nala and Nina. 

Love you, Wednesday.

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