Saturday, May 17, 2014

This year just keeps flying.  Truth be told, I've been really stressed out and and overwhelmed in just about every aspect of my life, so I haven't felt inspired to document much of it. I'm trying to focus on the positive though.

Since we last talked...

*I listened to the audiobook (and watched the film) of Jane Austen's Persuasion, which I absolutely loved.
*Watched lots of movies, as usual.
*Got some early birthday presents! Lots of entertaining books and pretty things. Guess I need to throw another party to get out of this funk!
*Saw "Book of Mormon" which was AMAZING. I can't stop listening to the music, it was hilarious!
*Won a ring from Lulu Frost (pics when it arrives!) 
*Got an opportunity to write for Lookbook's blog. I'm very much NOT a fashion writer, and who knows if they'll even use what I submitted, but it was a fun post to write. If they don't use it, I'll post it in my film blog.

Here's to making this weekend count!

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