Saturday, August 31, 2013

Staycation 2013!

I've had this entire past week off work, so Craig and I decided to have the best "staycation" ever, starting right after my last day of work! We saw The World's End last Friday (and also watched Zazie dans le Metro, which was awesome), celebrated my roommate's birthday last Saturday in our newly redecorated "Tiki Room" (pics coming soon!) and spent the next day at Disneyland with my sister!

We had a blast, of course. My favorite moment was probably getting completely soaked on Splash Mountain. We were laughing so hard and I had to dry my shoes in a vent, hahaha.

The next day we took Craig's grandparents out to lunch for their anniversary, and on Tuesday we had ourselves an LA Day! But not before watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure to celebrate Paul Reubens's birthday! In LA we went to the Arclight to see Short Term 12, which was absolutely beautiful.

Highly highly recommend.

We also went to Meltdown Comics to see Matt Mira and Kumail Nanjiani make fun of an episode of Star was a lot of fun!

We spent Wednesday to Friday up in Big Bear! Being the not-too-outdoorsy types, we spent a lot of time enjoying the cabin we stayed in, watching movies, and going out to eat. My favorite meal was from a Himalayan restaurant, followed by too much ice cream. We loved beating the heat and enjoying the mountain air!

Now we're home sweet home, going to an Edgar Wright art show today and then seeing John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl! And tomorrow is September! Looking forward to the upcoming months and holidays, hooray!

Hope you had a beautiful summer!

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