Friday, March 15, 2013

Improving the Morning Commute with Karen Savage

I am LIVING for audio books right now! I had been meaning to catch up on some classics that I somehow missed reading when I was younger, and found myself wanting to listen to something during my drive to and from work. So I got the Audiobooks app (has a ton of early classics for free) and listened to Pride and Prejudice via Librivox, read by Karen Savage. HOOKED! Her narration was fantastic and I wanted to see what else she had done. After that I listened to The Secret Garden which I hadn't read since I was probably 9 or 10. Another excellent reading. Right now I'm almost done with Anne of Green Gables (how did I miss reading this as a young girl?) and have some more Anne books lined up in my queue. I'm afraid Miss Savage's readings have spoiled me and I won't be able to listen to audiobooks read by anyone else! Hopefully the other narrators are ok...I want to listen to some Shakespeare or non-Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald. And I can read other books on my lunch break and get twice as many books in! Yay!

Any audiobooks you're enjoying? Or are you strictly a real-book type of person?

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